AzCHER-Central distributes Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) funds to coalition members for specific needs regarding emergency preparedness based on the work plan submitted to Arizona’s awardee, the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS). Coalition funds are distributed to organizations demonstrating a commitment to the four health care preparedness capabilities outlined by ASPR (readiness, response coordination, continuity of service delivery, and medical surge), as well as to AzCHER-Central’s goals.

To request access to coalition funds, your organization must have a signed Participation Agreement (PA) on file with the coalition administrator. Any organization with a signed PA, including public health, EMS, and emergency management entities, can request coalition funds. Requests from non-health care specific entities must use funds to benefit the health care delivery system in an emergency or disaster.

The funding pools and forms listed here are for activities conducted and purchases made between 7/1/17 and 6/30/18. There are three distinct pools of coalition funds that members can access.

Release Time
In order to ensure that emergency managers and other staff are able to participate in coalition trainings and exercises, AzCHER-Central provides up to $400 per event (training or exercise) per staff person to the employer organization. Reimbursement is based on the participant’s hourly rate of pay and cannot exceed $50 per hour.

AzCHER-Central will pay Release Time for up to two people per facility to attend an individual event. An individual person’s release time is capped at three events per year. Time away from regular work duties does not include travel or meal time.

The event must be sponsored by AzCHER-Central to qualify for Release Time funds. As such, not all events listed on the Events Calendar are eligible. If you are unsure whether an event qualifies for Release Time funds, Contact Us.

The participant must have documented their attendance by signing the attendance sheet. If no attendance sheet is available, as may be the case with certain exercises, the participant’s supervisor must attest to time away from regular work duties by approving the request for Release Time funds.

Download the Release Time Reimbursement Form here. Submit completed Release Time forms to the coalition administrator at

Supplies and Equipment
Adequate quantities of proper supplies and equipment are essential to emergency preparedness. As such, AzCHER-Central has made funds available to members for the purchase of medical surge equipment, emergency communications equipment (including 800 MHz radios, HAM radios, hand-held radios, and satellite phones) 800 MHz radios, and personal protective equipment.

To request funds for supplies and equipment, click here and submit to Funding requests must be approved PRIOR TO purchases being made. Please do not submit a request along with an invoice, as invoices will not be paid by the coalition.

Requests can be submitted for each of the three funding categories, however each of the three requests must be submitted in separate forms. For example, a surge supply request must be separate from a request for PPE.

Maximum request amounts per facility are as follows:

  • $4,000 for medical surge supplies
  • $9,000 for emergency communications equipment (including 800 MHz radios, HAM radios, hand-held radios, and satellite phones)
  • $4,000 for personal protective equipment

Once the purchase is approved and paid for by the organization, reimbursement checks will be made payable to the purchasing organization, not an individual. Submit completed Reimbursement Request forms along with ALL RECEIPTS to the coalition administrator at

Conference Scholarships
Continuing education, professional development, networking and relationship building – all are vital to a thriving health care coalition. AzCHER-Central recognizes that some of the best growth opportunities occur at national conferences. As such, scholarships of up to $2,000 per individual are available to coalition members for conference attendance. Click here for the request form.

To be eligible, conferences must pertain to emergency preparedness and/or emergency management in the health care setting and must occur between 7/1/17 and 6/30/18. The coalition will reimburse EITHER the employer organization OR the individual conference attendee. Submit completed Reimbursement Request forms along with ALL RECEIPTS to the coalition administrator at

All expenses must be incurred by June 30, 2018. Requests for reimbursement can be submitted to the administrator no later than July 15, 2018.

To ensure equitable distribution of HPP funds, all requests are subject to approval by coalition leadership. To ensure compliance with HPP funding guidelines as directed by ASPR, all requests are subject to allowability by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Recipients will be listed in the coalition’s annual report.