Much of the work that is done on behalf of the coalition is driven by various committees and work groups. The committee structure mirrors that of the Incident Command System, separating activities into Planning, Operations, Logistics, and Finance and Administration. See the chart below to better understand the functions of each group.


Any individual affiliated with a member organization can serve on a committee, and the coalition is always looking for new committee members. Should you find an interest and have the time to commit (about 15 to 20 hours per year), contact the Coalition Manager at


Purpose: Collect, evaluate, and disseminate information and intelligence; documentation

Primary Responsibilities: Risk assessments; surveillance of disease outbreak; weather monitoring; structural plans and vulnerabilities; prepare and disseminate strategic plan

Key Words: Information hub

Work Groups: CHVA; newsletter; public information officers; AFN populations; Preparedness Plan; Response Plan; crisis standards of care; specialty surge requirements; family reunification; coalition website


Purpose: Develop and implement strategies and tactics to accomplish coalition’s objectives; conduct activities related to coalition’s purpose; direct resources

Primary Responsibilities: Education, trainings, and exercises; Peer to Peer program (mentorship/coaching)

Key Words: Conduct to achieve mission

Work Groups: Coalition Surge Test; training curriculum development; exercise coordination and evaluation; MYTEP; mentorship/coaching program