Benefits of Participation

All are welcome to get involved with AzCHER-Central at the level that best appeals to them. Please join us at the next General Body meeting (see our Events calendar) to ascertain whether the coalition has value to your organization.


Those wishing to formalize their involvement are asked to review, sign, and submit the Participation Agreement to the Administrator.

Engaging with AzCHER-Central offers the following benefits:

  • Networking and collaboration
  • Resource and information sharing, including best practices and lessons learned
  • Education and training

Becoming a member of AzCHER-Central offers these additional benefits:

  • A voice in meeting the region’s health care emergency preparedness capabilities through voting rights established by signing and submitting the Participation Agreement
  • Access to coalition funds when AzCHER-Central issues a call for funding requests pertaining to a specific topic
  • Opportunities to participate in regional exercises, including tabletop, functional, and full-scale exercises
  • Opportunities to participate on committees and in work groups
  • Support in meeting licensing and accreditation standards, including CMS Conditions of Participation
  • Opportunities to engage in coaching and mentoring relationships as either a mentor or a mentee

AzCHER-Central brings all members of the healthcare delivery system together to develop a coordinated emergency response and to build capabilities that can’t be achieved alone. Together, we make Central Arizona a more resilient community.

Members are asked to adhere to the following:

  • Designate a representative to attend quarterly General Body meetings and vote on behalf of the organization
  • Participate in coalition-led trainings and community exercises
  • Participate in communication drills
  • Participate in surveys and requests for information
  • Share information relevant to the region’s optimal emergency preparedness and response capabilities

For inquiries or to become a member, contact us now!