The Peer to Peer (P2P) program was established to provide support and guidance to healthcare organizations seeking to enhance their emergency preparedness capabilities. P2P pairs more experienced emergency managers (Peer Leads) with staff having less experience (Peer Learners) to elevate the individual and, subsequently, the region’s collective ability to respond to a disaster. The Peer Lead provides education and experience to the Peer Learner such that the recipient organization is able to strengthen its emergency management program.

To participate in P2P, a Peer Learner and a Peer Lead must be employed with a member organization, i.e., one that has submitted a Participation Agreement and actively supports the coalition. Active support includes General Body meeting attendance, response to requests for information, and participation in surveys – at a minimum.

It’s easy to become a Peer Learner or a Peer Lead (and some emergency managers could serve in both roles). Simply complete the appropriate application (Peer Learner Application) or (Peer Lead Application) and submit to the Coalition Manager at You will receive a confirmation of receipt along with further instructions.

Once a match has been established, both parties will be asked to sign the (P2P Guidance Agreement), which outlines basic mutual understandings and the scope of work to be accomplished. Upon completion of the Agreement, both parties are required to submit an evaluation through an online survey tool.

More information can be found in the (Standard Operating Protocol). Questions can be addressed to the Coalition Manager.