Requesting Healthcare Resources For Your Facility In An Emergency

A large-scale emergency or disaster could cause a healthcare facility to need additional resources, including supplies, equipment, staffing, or other. In such an instance, the facility’s first step is to contact primary and secondary vendors and/or the health system of which they are a part. If resources cannot be acquired through such means, the second step is to activate any memoranda of understanding or mutual aid agreement. If resources are still needed, the facility is to contact local public health (LPH).

Local Public Health (LPH) Departments in the AzCHER-Central Region

Gila County: (928) 402-8139

Maricopa County: (602) 527-5078

Pinal County: (520) 866-6239

AzCHER-C offers a Memorandum of Understanding that is a voluntary and non-binding agreement between signatory organizations to share resources in such an event. An organization does NOT have to be a member of AzCHER-C to engage in the MOU, and member organizations are NOT required to sign and submit the MOU. A complete list of signatory organizations is loaded into the Members Section of BaseCamp for capture in your emergency operations plan. Non-members can acquire a list by contacting staff at

NOTE: Local public health does not maintain large caches of resources but has procedures in place to secure requested resources. There could be costs associated when public health and/or emergency management receives and processes resource requests. This diagram is for informational purposes only and does not serve as a format for a direct request for assistance. Be sure to follow your facility’s own established procedures.