Covenant Health Network represents 15 non-profit Life Planning/ Senior Living Communities in Arizona serving more than than 6,000 seniors in Skilled Nursing/ Nursing Home, Assisted Living and Independent Living.

On November 16, 2017, the Federal government mandated the Skilled Nursing/ Nursing Environment to implement National Guidelines for Healthcare System Preparedness. With recommendations from the Arizona Department of Health Services (AzDHS), we heeded their advice and became members of the Arizona Coalition for Healthcare Emergency Response-Central Region (AzCHER-C).

Our membership with AzCHER-C continues to exceed our expectations and the value of collaboration. We are not only members but truly a partner with AzCHER-C. Their program managers have gone above and beyond in assisting our network in understanding and implementing emergency preparedness in accordance to national standards. And they take every opportunity to participate in our Network activities and make efforts to help us meet the emergent needs of our communities. They have and continue to provide up-to-date national, regional, and state news and resources; make access to resources attainable through their improved internet cloud-sharing “BaseCamp;” and have included our senior care health industry around the table, ensuring our voice is heard. We are appreciative of all they have done for the State of Arizona, with their guidance, we are prepared!

Respectfully in Collaboration,
Diane Kubala
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
Covenant Health Network

After getting the dreaded visit from CMS, I soon realized our facility’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) lacked in many areas. I had no idea where to start. AzCHER-C’s Peer to Peer program was a huge benefit. John, my Peer, greeted me with a huge smile and lots of words of encouragement. In my eyes, John was the EM guru and I was definitely willing to learn. After a couple of meetings with John, I went from having little to no information regarding Emergency Preparedness to understanding the importance of documents, policies, and EM plans. He has helped me transform our ASC’s Emergency Operations Plan into a more “CMS-proof” organization. It still is a work in progress, but I know John will be there and help me every step of the way. Without the Peer to Peer program, I would be lost in Google searches and bad information. I encourage all members of the AZCHER-C coalition to participate in the program, whether you are the teacher or the student. The benefits of the program are certainly helping our ASC become better aware of the importance of proper EM plans and community involvement. Thank you AZCHER and P2P!

Juree Thompson
Radiologic Technologist
National Cardiovascular Institute / Center for Cardiovascular Research and Education

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as one of the AzCHER-C Logistics Committee co-chairs over the past year. AzCHER-C has given me the opportunity to acquire new leadership skills, meet members from different backgrounds, hear varying perspectives about emergency preparedness, help to meet grant deliverables and gain experience I would not gain anywhere else. By surrounding myself with healthcare professionals I’ve become more familiar with some of the issues our health system may face during an emergency. I enjoy being part of the planning and evaluation process for training and exercise events, coalition plans, and other official AzCHER-C business.

I have worked with AzCHER-C since 2014, during which time I’ve seen significant, progressive growth. In my opinion, the success of the coalition is attributed to the people who dedicate their time, knowledge, and effort to ensure our region is united and resilient. AzCHER-C Leadership members are truly invested in creating close community partnerships, collaborating to foster safe communities, and providing members with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to have successful emergency management and preparedness programs. Thank you, AzCHER-C Leadership, for ensuring that we laugh and have fun despite the amount of work we all do! AzCHER-C members, please consider joining a sub-committee because you will definitely benefit from having such an edifying and active role.

Dezirae Williams
Logistics Co-Chair (former)
Preparedness Planner (former)
Pinal County Public Health Services District